Stand out by cultivating a close relationship beyond the doors of your stores.

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Proximity and loyalty, attributes ingrained in the DNA of opticians.

With Goodays, the goal is simple: capitalize on the inherent closeness of opticians to their clients before, during, and after a visit. Our solution is designed for in-store use and allows your opticians to manage their local relationships. This proximity will immediately strengthen customer loyalty. And these business principles will also appeal to young professionals seeking meaning in their careers.

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Our positioning is passion, innovation, top service. It's completely natural for our staff; they are 'opticians for life,' which is our motto. They are fully dedicated to their clients.

Fabrice Allegro
Chief Marketing & Digital Officer

A step towards digital transformation and e-reputation to serve in-store traffic.

Digitalization of the sector and client practices is a real boon. Before visiting a store, customers tend to look at the Google listing and the ratings given to the optician by other customers. The challenge is to be more visible and stand out from the competition. Enhancing your in-store experience helps improve your e-reputation; and a good e-reputation will attract customers' attention. Use digital to attract and keep customers coming back to your store!

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I've never made such progress in customer service since the Opticians Atol signed up for Goodays, this startup from Lille. It allows us to get almost immediate customer feedback after delivery, to communicate with our customers, and to reply to their compliments or minor issues.

Eric Plat
CEO of Atol Opticians.

A CX program of course, but also ROI

Customer satisfaction, in-store experience, reclaimed customers... All these parameters are quantifiable and actionable directly within the Goodays platform. And this is for in-store as well as headquarters teams. Thanks to our unified solution, the whole company benefits from a 360° view of the customer and everyone can act to improve customer relations at their level. As a result, you can promote consistency of practices in terms of customer experience and benefit from precise metrics to measure your ROI.

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Offer a consistent customer experience across your network.

The implementation of a unique tool for managing customer interactions, beyond the value at the store level (improving proximity with end customers) allows you to ensure the same level of service in managing local relationships across your entire network. You thus promote true consistency of practices and of the experience delivered daily.

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We never miss an opportunity to mention NPS to our colleagues; during meetings, we share the score's developments. It's one of the KPIs that our opticians look at daily, it's part of their routine.

Fabrice Allegro
Chief Marketing & Digital Officer

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