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Discover how DIY, Home and Garden brands can increase market share by building an unbeatable customer experience, that engages C-suite to frontline.

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Metrics that make a difference for our DIY, Home and Garden Clients

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of previously dissatisfied clients retained


Increase in NPS points per year


average customer satisfaction score


average customer relationship score

🔨 69% DIY Store visitors agree it's important stores are connected to their local customers*

*YouGov Survey (2022)

Become customer obsessed, with Goodays

Blue Diamond Upgrade their Customer Interactions

Discover how Blue Diamond Home and Garden Centres use the Goodays platform to listen to and action feedback, increase customer satisfaction and make in-store changes based on local customer insights.

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Shed light on customer blind spots

Better understand your customers (and why they didn't buy)

Do you know why a potential customer chose a competitor over you? How are you detecting this and stopping it from happening in future? Start personalised conversations with customers directly from their local store to better understand their needs, including those who didn't purchase. Increase the volume of feedback across multiple channels and display all interactions in one easy-to-understand dashboard. Creating a single customer view across your network.

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🧰️ 56% of DIY Store visitors agree the speed at which a store responds to their online review would impact their decision to visit there again.*

*YouGov Survey (2022)

Goodays evolved the way we view customers and changed the store manager's perception. Going from simple customer feedback webforms to enabling 360° customer interactions completely transformed our business.

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Group Operations

👷‍♂️ 66% DIY Store visitors agree that the in-store staff understand the customer better than HQ*

*YouGov Survey (2022)

Empower and motivate your frontline to build strong local customer relationships

Store teams are your ultimate loyalty power tool

Building a strong "relationship" based business is all about building loyalty with customers. And the key to creating customer loyalty is to deliver personalised experiences to shoppers. Bursting with knowledge and with the advantage of proximity to local and repeat customers, your customer-facing teams represent the best of your brand. Empowering them to respond and engage with customers digitally can strengthen local customer bonds, drive loyalty and AOV and even create 'mini influencers' for your brand.

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Become the first choice for customers' DIY Projects

Improve eReputation and Drive Footfall in Store

Did you know 80% of shoppers use mobile phones to look up reviews outside of a store? (Outerbox). By managing your individual store's online reputation (Google Reviews, Trustpilot etc.) directly from the location, you improve the online rating and consequently drive new customers into store to purchase.

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📲 71% of DIY Store visitors would rather contact their local store manager with a query such as opening hours than call a customer service centre or HQ*

*YouGov Survey (2022)

1,162 DIY, Home and Garden stores love using the Goodays platform everyday


reply rate


reply quality


Average NPS


hours average reply time

Drill down into customer insights

Connect stores and HQ to local customer data

How well do you know what's going on in each store? When brands have a large network of outlets, it can be challenging to understand how CX levels and customer insights vary. Successful brands are collecting, analysing and actioning customer feedback, not just at the HQ level but from individual stores across their network. Gaining knowledge on how to improve on range, service, price, stock availability and more.

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No more clunky, outdated spreadsheets

Modernise your CX with no downtime

In an industry that often sticks to traditional processes and where resources are already stretched, the adoption of new technology is an issue. However, there are smart, efficient, time and resource-savvy ways to do it, which don't require a huge overhaul of systems and training. It’s about prioritising the changes and tools that will make a real difference to customers and build all-important CX consistency – slotting in easily to the day-to-day for all teams to use and streamlining their work.

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