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Involve your auto centers in local customer relationship management

Local customer relationship management involves a cultural shift to put the customer first. Allowing your experts to respond to customer reviews empowers them and involves them in customer satisfaction. Cultivating employee engagement is also a unique opportunity to develop the pride of belonging to your company, and to help attract future members.

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The Goodays platform, with its intuitive and easy-to-use nature, enables real engagement from the teams. It allows us easy access to statistics and the creation of customized reporting.

Perrine Carrer Delabarre
Marketing and Communications Manager

Capitalize on e-reputation to increase traffic in centers

Inflation, fuel prices, aging vehicles... Motorists are aware of their expenses and thus more meticulous in their search for auto experts. One solution: let the satisfaction of your customers shine to help you gain market share. Your online reviews and ratings reflect the service delivered at your center. Taking care of your e-reputation means becoming more attractive, and thus generating more business!

Discover the case of France Pare-Brise

We can be proud of these results; they encourage us to progress together. We create a virtuous circle because we are convinced that we will welcome new talented repairers thanks to these results!

Fabien Guimard
Director of Light Vehicle Repair Networks

Opt for a unified CX program from headquarters to auto centers

In terms of CX, consistency across your network is essential. Engage all your employees, from headquarters to auto centers, with a unique platform that allows you to monitor customer satisfaction in real-time. Benefit from a 360° view of your customer journeys to deliver the best possible experience at each of your network's locations.

Discover the case of France Pare-Brise

Giving local teams the ability to directly handle the customer's concerns allows our centers to go beyond the classic script, but also to personalize the approach to retain motorists.

Léa Bernard
Director of Marketing and Customer Relations

Improve your attractiveness to future members to continue the development of your network!

Your experts are active daily in serving motorists. Developing the pride of belonging to your company and cultivating employee engagement is the key to developing the success of your brand and attracting new experts. By bringing customers closer to your employees in auto centers, we involve all your employees in a common goal: to deliver the best possible experience across your network.

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It was important that the solution creates a strong partnership between the headquarters teams and the centers in order to satisfy the customer. Indeed, center managers wanted to see customer feedback in real-time and personalize the relationship with them to exceed their expectations.

Léa Bernard
Director of Marketing and Customer Relations

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