The most complete CX solution in a world of AI

Our customer experience management platform, adopted by over 150 companies worldwide, offers a unique approach that enables companies to optimize customer satisfaction and loyalty, boost performance and achieve their growth objectives.

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Improving customer satisfaction requires the commitment of every team in the company. Goodays is the only AI-powered solution to put your customers at the heart of every
day-to-day work.
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Comprehensive customer satisfaction measurement for continuous improvement

Capture the voice of the customer everywhere

Implement 360° listening with an evaluation of the customer experience across all your touchpoints: in your physical locations, on your website, or during interactions with your customer service.

Collect as many customer reviews as possible

Strengthen your measurement by diversifying your collection channels (email, Google...), while maximizing review volumes thanks to our surveys designed for conversion.

Analyze all your customer feedback in one place

Break down data silos by centralizing all your customer feedback within a single platform.

collection channels

to strengthen your customer knowledge.

conversion rate

for Goodays surveys.

We use Goodays as the foundation of our Voice of the Customer program. We cover all relevant customer journeys, both online and offline, for all our countries.
François Gauduffe
Head of Customer Experience


Build a "customer-centric" organization

Create connections between your teams and their customers

Whether it's to say thank you, provide an answer or a solution, your teams respond to customer reviews and engage in conversation with customers on a daily basis.

Address dissatisfaction before it's too late

Your teams receive dissatisfaction alerts in real time so that they can prioritize handling them. 70% of dissatisfied customers declare themselves won back after a response via Goodays.

KPIs that encourage a culture of action

Give your teams meaning thanks to rich, concrete data enabling them to identify their areas for improvement and prioritize their actions in the blink of an eye.

Measure your teams' engagement

With an objective KPI: the Customer Relationship Score. A one-of-a-kind metric, created by Goodays.

of problems solved

by frontline teams.


of the platform within the first 2 months.

AI-assisted replies
for more efficient responses, while remaining just as relevant and human.
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Goodays allows us to listen, consider and respond to every customer feedback. It's a solution that contributes to our customer culture [...]. It's also a tool for winning back dissatisfied customers, enabling a virtuous circle creating greater loyalty.
Céline Zuliani
Customer Experience Director


Your strategy informed by the voice of your customers

Deeply analyze your customer satisfaction metrics

Measure customer satisfaction (NPS, CSAT, etc.) and benefit from actionable data to identify your areas of improvement and enhance your customer experience.

Focus your efforts where they will have the most impact

Prioritize your action plans by identifying the factors that have the most impact on your NPS. Estimate the potential improvement an action plan could generate.

Find out what is behind your metrics

Explore the customer feedback hiding behind your metrics with a more detailed analysis, in one click.

Measure the impact of your actions

Follow the evolution of your customers' satisfaction level in real time, thanks to sentiment analysis.

NPS increase

observed among our clients within the first year of partnership.

Deeper analysis with AI
Our AI Assistant analyzes your customer reviews in seconds to generate summaries, identify key pain points and suggest action plans.


Your digital storefront optimized to be the preferred choice of customers

Transform your customers into ambassadors

By delivering exceptional experiences, you can satisfy customers daily. Rely on them to improve your Google ratings by generating up to 50% more reviews.

Have a clear view of your network's performance on Google

Track the performance of your Google listings, identify places in difficulty and ensure that your ratings are improving.

Raise your teams' awareness of the importance of e-reputation

Your local teams can monitor and improve the performance of their Google listing with a tailored view.

Keep an eye on your competitors

Benchmark yourself among your competitors at all levels (national, regional, local), evaluate your competitiveness and compare your performance over time.

Average Google rating

among our clients.

Average Google rating

left by customers redirected from Goodays surveys.

A solution ready for the challenges of large organizations

Personalized support

Our multidisciplinary teams have helped hundreds of leading companies develop their customer satisfaction management programs. Whether it's defining the strategic focus of your customer experience program, engaging and training your teams, or configuring our platform and answering your questions, we're there for you every step of the way. Our support is ongoing: before, during and after the launch of our solution.

Seamless integration into your ecosystem

Aware that the organizations we support already have complex technical ecosystems, our platform has been specifically designed to adapt easily and integrate seamlessly into any technological environment. Goodays can easily connect to your existing systems via API, including your CRM, marketing or customer service tools, messaging systems and more.

Strong commitment to data security

We take data security very seriously, knowing how crucial it is for our customers. We have implemented both technical and organizational security measures to ensure the best possible protection. These include encryption of your information, strict access control, the use of enhanced authentication methods, as well as ongoing training of our teams and the rigorous application of security policies.

Quick observable progress.

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