Goodays for Customer Insights Teams

Improve the customer experience with actionable insights and data for all levels of your organisation

Gain a 360 view of the customer

We collect customer verbatims and have the ability to pull real customer testimonials to support your data. Because of this, 93% of our users improved the understanding of their customer’s needs and actions to be implemented.

“Our pre-existing tools didn’t go as deep into customer analytics, but now, with Goodays, we can dive into each KPI and verbatim to secure a single customer view.”

Sheahan Arnott
UK Digital Manager, URW Europe
Watch your actions translate to satisfaction

Evolve your scores and ranking

View the results of your actions and the evolution of feedback month-on-month. Resulting in a long-term, healthy customer relationship score. Visualise overall and channel-specific ranking from online to stores. Introducing a healthy company-wide addiction to delivering exceptional experiences.

Improve insights KPI's and watch business grow

KPIs may include the volume of feedback, NPS, customer satisfaction score, number of at-risk customers, and highlighted thematics. By monitoring these metrics and making improvements based on the insights gained, you can drive business growth and improve overall performance

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